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Rise with your SAVIOR
Run with your LORD
Reign with your King!

Restoring lives and Growing and Together in the Love of God

Messiah’s Church is a Territorial Governing Church, as all local churches should be. We train in Kingdom Principles out of the Ways of God. Every saint must come fully out of Egypt, make it through their Wilderness Journey,  and Cross over and Go Up on Mt. Zion in the Spirit onto Promise Ground and Rule and Reign with Kingdom Authority as the Ambassadors of Heaven, carrying out The Business of their KING, JESUS Christ, LORD of all Lords, KING of all Kings, whose we are.
From every believer coming fully out of Egypt, free from sin and the weight that doth so easily beset us, to Crossing every Wilderness where God the Father teaches us His Sovereignty and Keeping Grace.
to Hallow His Name, Carry out the Father’s Will and follow LORD HOLY SPIRIT, Sir into Great Exploits.

Come and join us, if you sense anticipation of Victory in Jesus in the Coming Last Days just ahead. In the Day of HIS Power, there will be no shortage of workers. Come and train up your bondservantship to follow your LORD to His Battles.

You’ll need Holiness of Character to be led forth in Righteousness where Peace will shed Light on the Way you are to go, for His Joys to be accomplished for His Delights. Come lose your life and find it as Scriptures says, for His Name Sake. One Visit, One Lifetime, Never be the same.
Arising into our Inheritance in the Saints, gaining Nations from our LORD JESUS in assignment Command, each believer is called to be a Carrier of Glory, Power and Authority as a born again one, born under the dispensation of  The Power of His Grace for this Journey.

Some just want Jesus as Savior, still others, as LORD, but The KING has a Kingdom, invisible, all Powerful, ever Dominating and engaged, where the saints who wrestle Principalities and Rulers and Wickedness in high places for Character Training, gain Lord Holy Spirit, Sir, with His Angels, who fight the battles of The LORD.

That is for those who make Jesus KING Now, and have Kingdom Assignment under our feet and at our hands and in our hearts,

Sunday Service A Discipling Church

Prophet's Gathering

Rev. 19:10……For it is the Spirit of prophecy who bears testimony to Jesus."
Because we belong to Jesus, prophecy should flow from us. Scripture says as He is so are we in this earth. Lord Holy Spirit has trained every believer who walks in the spirit to prophecy the word of the Lord. This prophetic word testifies of who Jesus is in us as well as the world. We have set up these groups so, by the leading of the Lord, we might all hear what the Lord is testifying through His body. We welcome all of you. Prophesy is far beyond personal exhortation. It is also Revealment of the future, What is on GOD's Heart concerning HIS Current Word to be fulfilled, and more.. Come and join us. For more info. on time and location see "Church Calendar Tab".

The Gates of Charleston

The priests and the Levites purified themselves; they also purified the people, the gates, and the wall. Nehemiah 12:30.

The Lord is calling a people that will stand in the gap for their city. We need to have a vision for our cities. The gates of a city are where everything, whether good or evil, comes in and out of the city. This is where the church should be, praying and seeking the Lord so that what comes into the city is pleasing in the sight of the Lord. Then the Lord will save our cities and the people in the cities, causing us to live in peace. Come join us at "TheGate". 88 Broad Street/ on the fourth Friday of the month. All are welcome.


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Dennis and Dr. Jen minister together full-time as a husband and wife team dedicated to setting people free and equipping them with the tools for personal transformation. As a preacher, visionary, and church planter, Pastor Dennis has been in active ministry for more than 35 years. Jennifer, his wife, holds a ThD in theology and EdS, MS, and BS degrees in psychology. 
The Clarks have developed a simple, systematic, proven approach to give you the How-To tools to set you free from the pain and frustration that you are currently experiencing. They have spent many years developing teaching materials to equip believers to be healed themselves then bring healing to others. Dennis and Dr. Jen have discovered that even little children can easily learn how to deal with inner pain. They don't want to get counseling appointments, rather to teach all believers how to live continually in the fruit of the spirit. It is not a method but a step-by-step explanation that demystifies life in the spirit.
Dennis and Dr. Jen are the authors of Live Free and D
eep Relief Now as well as three children's books, The Great God Quest series.  Dr. Jen is also author of Was Jesus a Capitalist? Dennis & Dr. Jen founded Full Stature Ministries in 1997 and are in full time ministry to the body of Christ at large. Full Stature Ministries headquarters is located in Fort Mill, South Carolina which is just south of Charlotte, North Carolina. Dennis and Dr. Jen pastor Kingdom Life Church and direct TEAM Embassy (Training Embassy for Advanced Ministries).

Your donations help us to take the work of the Lord forward. The Lord blesses you for helping advance the Kingdom of God. We thank you for your support. Many hands make light the load.

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